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Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook November 20, 2009

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this is one of the best cookbooks I own (and I have tons of them!) it’s full of whole-grain nutrition, antioxidants, and other natural foods that are often ignored. it’s not specifically gluten-free, but most of the recipes are both gluten-free and allergen-free.

the beginning of the book starts with lots of information. there’s information on some of the most common allergens, and symptoms of each. it gives explanations of different organic labels, and what each means, as well as which fruits and vegetables are the most important ones to buy organic. then it goes in depth about different ingredients~ what they are and how to use them, ¬†from natural sweeteners, to different flours, beans, seaweeds, and much more.

the recipes themselves can be normal-sized recipes with several ingredients, or some are basic~ like how to make basic breakfast cereals from different GF grains or how to make rice or almond milk quickly.

the green smoothies are something that I do regularly~ blending up greens such as kale and spinach with a small fruit (for sweetness) and water, with different variations. there are 3 green smoothie recipes, and each recipe explains what it’s useful for. these smoothies are particularly helpful for people fighting diseases, newly diagnosed celiacs who need healing, cancer patients, etc. they pump you full of nutrients.

also, sporadically throughout the sections they have helpful information, such as how to soak beans, how long each type of bean needs to be cooked, how to store produce, etc.

towards the end of the book, they have some charts of how to substitute for various allergens in recipes. this is followed by the elimination diet (a 28-day diet to determine if you had any food allergies or sensitivities that you never realized).

and then one of the best items, in my opinion, is that is has an allergy introduction guide for children, which is particularly important if allergies run in the family. it goes through different stages of what solid foods can be introduced and when, starting from birth through age 2.

I confess that I don’t use this cookbook often enough, but I do make use of the green smoothies fairly regularly. also, it has such good information that it’s great for reference~I’ve tried to incorporate some of the seaweeds into my diet, and plan to add beans and legumes more. anyone with allergies, people who are immuno-suppressed, and anyone interested in living a lifestyle packed with nutrition should get this book.

the authors are Alissa Segersten and Tom Malterre, MS, CN

note: I have a link to their related website under the “recipes” section~ you can see some examples of the foods and recipes used (including one of the green smoothies!)


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