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Getting Started: Medications November 21, 2009

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there is so much to learn when one is suddenly thrown into a gluten-free diet. you need to figure out what you can eat, but with no advance warning. learning what’s what has such a huge learning curve that it can take months until you feel somewhat like you know what’s going on. once you figure out what foods you can eat, there are other items to consider.

to start with, it’s a good idea to check all of the medications you’re taking. if they are prescription drugs, ask the pharmacist to call the manufacturer to see if the pills are gluten-free. you don’t want to accidentally be taking small amounts of gluten in your pills unknowingly. the drug companies generally won’t speak with you directly, so you do need to have the pharmacists call. I don’t pick up any meds until everything has been verified. and once we confirm that they are gluten-free, each time I get a refill I request that I have the same manufacturer. (you may want to open the bottle and look at the pills before leaving with them, to make sure they are the same as what you’d had before, which is a good idea for everyone, really.)

for over-the-counter meds, there are various sources online that you can reference. you must be careful, because manufacturers can change their formulas at any time. that’s why support groups, gluten-free publications, and blogs are helpful. I’m not sure how often it’s updated, but here a link to several lists online: I don’t use it that often, so please judge the reliability for yourself, and if it’s something that you take regularly, it’s always a good idea to call the company (for over-the counter things) and ask about gluten. places like GNC will list it on their brand’s containers if it contains gluten, dairy, and other allergens, so I like using them when possible.

I know it can be overwhelming at first to completely overhaul your diet and start it while you’re still trying to figure it out, so you may want to get the basics of food down first, but checking your medications is an important next step.


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