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Gluten Free in the Upper Midwest

Wildfire Restaurant November 23, 2009

Wildfire restaurant is located in Eden Prairie, and also has several locations in Illinois. they’re a “steak, chop, seafood” restaurant. it has an old Hollywood vibe, and the smells as you walk by the restaurant are amazing.

what’s even more amazing is their attention to gluten allergies/ celiacs. they have a special gluten-free menu with many options. they have gluten-free bread, so while you wait for your dinner and watch everyone else eat the onion loaf, you can have some of your own! they usually warm it up, so it seems like it’s right out of the oven. if they don’t bring you any, just request it.

the salads are big portions~ to be split with others. there are plenty of steak, chicken, pork, and seafood options available for dinner. and one of the best surprises is that they have burgers with gluten-free buns!!! such a treat! although the last time I was there, they’d switched ketchup brands and the new one may have had gluten in it, so you may want to call ahead or bring your own, just in case. also, they don’t have dedicated fryers, so you’ll have to substitute something else for the fries. for dessert, I think there are at least two options that are gluten-free as well. yum!

some of the menu items can be pricey, but there are some cheaper options (such as the burgers, or if you had a salad as an entrée), and the lunch menu is quite reasonable as well.

beyond just a great menu, they take special precautions there, that always make me feel safe. they have big allergy alerts on the ticket, and I was told that they even prepare it in a separate side of the kitchen. they’ve also done special gluten-free events, like a price (prix) fixe menu of 3-4 courses and wine pairings. they really care about the celiac crowd.

since it’s such great food, it’s a very popular restaurant (for everyone). so if you plan to go on a weekend, I highly suggest making reservations, at least a couple days in advance. the reservations can go quickly.


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