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Ecopolitan Restaurant December 1, 2009

Ecopolitan restaurant is a great experience. if you ever feel like you just need something fresh to eat, this is your place. it’s a raw food restaurant. this of course means that everything there is vegan (no dairy, no eggs) and the only gluten to be found are a few items containing oats. however, if you have nut allergies, beware that many items are filled with different types of nuts.

all of the dishes are creative and beautiful, it’s a fun place to bring friends, because people are always pleasantly surprised. I find that it’s best to order different things so you can try each other’s dishes.

some examples of meals are the spaghetti marinara. the “noodles” are raw zucchini put through a spaghetti press. there is a tomato-based sauce on top, all of which lays on a bed of greens with a balsamic vinaigrette, strawberries, and walnuts. it all blends together so well. another are the tostada shells. there are two dehydrated flaxseed-sunflower shells, and in them lay lentils made to taste like taco meat, salad greens, cashew “sour cream”, and I always get a pine nut “not-cho cheese” side drizzled on top, and it’s all accompanied by a big scoop each of salsa and guacamole. the “pizza” slices are great as well. the eco-sausage tastes amazingly like sausage pizza.

keep in mind while ordering that you obviously aren’t getting a normal taco salad or sausage pizza, but once you realize that, you’ll be surprised at how closely the taste resembles it, all with raw ingredients. it’s truly amazing and artistic.

they also have a huge assortment of smoothies. the desserts vary, but every one that I’ve had has been great. my particular favorite is the “ice cream parfait”, which is frozen bananas blended up into the base, then I get strawberries and coconut as the flavor. and around the sides are nuts and a creamy fig sauce very akin to caramel. truly delicious.

it’s a little pricey, especially if you get multiple courses, but the portions are huge and surprisingly filling. (you might want to bring plastic containers along to dine in, in case there are leftovers 🙂  but it’s a delicious and healthy (and very unique) place to eat. I highly recommend trying it at least once (and then you may be hooked)!


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  1. Carm Says:

    Yum. I’m craving some of this today!

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