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Gluten Free in the Upper Midwest

Trader Joes December 4, 2009

if you’ve started the gluten free diet, you should know well by now that gluten free foods are expensive. this is one of the benefits of grocery guides~ they help you find normal grocery products that happen to be gluten free. Trader Joes is sort of a hybrid.

they make pamphlets that show all of the GF products in the store, and leave them out for you to take. it’s about 4-6 pages long, and not only has Trader Joes brand groceries, but items from other brands that they carry as well. it’s essentially a free grocery guide that works for their store.  (it’s always nice if a store has a listing of their GF products, but when they do, it’s generally just for their store’s brand.)

Trader Joes also has some specialty GF items, which are much more inexpensive, generally speaking, than other specialty products. for instance, they have frozen GFCF pancakes that are surprisingly tasty. they also have other things like GF brownie mixes, a flourless chocolate cake, a few types of GF breads, and even gluten free gravy around Thanksgiving (I wasn’t a big fan of the gravy, but maybe I just had a weird batch). they’re also really good at labelling items in the Trader Joe’s brand for allergens, and if it was processed in facilities with other allergens, etc.

one of the things I appreciate most is their selection of nuts. they have a huge variety of very reasonably priced (roasted OR raw) cashews, walnuts, pecans, pistachios, etc. and best of all, they often offer them in packages of 10 “handful of nuts” individually-wrapped servings, which are perfect to carry around in a purse, in case you end up hungry somewhere without GF food. it’s a great back-up.

if you’re lucky enough to live or work near a Trader Joes, you should definitely stop by and check it out, if you haven’t already. it’s a great place to get gluten free food on a budget. they have locations in Maple Grove, St Louis Park, and Woodbury.


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