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Victoria’s Ristorante December 6, 2009

Victoria’s is a popular Italian restaurant in downtown Rochester, MN. I really enjoyed going there even before my celiac diagnosis. so I was thrilled to find out afterwards that they have plenty of gluten free options!

first of all, they have special gluten free rolls to enjoy while you wait for your food. it can otherwise be hard to watch everyone else at the table eating the fresh, warm, regular rolls while you just sit there. this attention to detail for the gluten free is highly appreciated. only once (of many visits) have I had a server try and bring my GF rolls in the same basket as regular rolls, which of course, we explained to them that those rolls can no longer be used. they are overall very knowledgable and are very aware aware of cross-contamination.

the salads (which come with dinner meals) are great. they always taste so fresh, and don’t lack anything without croutons. I especially love their homemade Italian dressing.

they have a special gluten free menu that you can ask for when being seated. it’s a one page sheet of more of the specialty items, which can include lasagna and ravioli! I’ve yet to find those items offered in a restaurant anywhere else.

also, most of their regular menu (which is quite extensive) can be made gluten free as well. they can even make their pizzettes on gluten free crusts, if you’d like some pizza.

I’ve never seen such an extensive menu available that can be ordered as gluten-free. there are seriously more gluten-free dinner options than most restaurants’ complete regular menus offer. it would be very difficult not to find something you like!

I highly recommend this restaurant. they are like a well-oiled machine when it comes to gluten-free dining, and I always feel comfortable eating there. not to mention that the food is great! unless you come in the middle of the day, the place is always hopping!


One Response to “Victoria’s Ristorante”

  1. Mooks Says:

    The rolls are even dairy-free! 🙂

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