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Getting Started: Other Non-Food Items to Consider December 19, 2009

other things to consider: envelopes. there is some debate on this, but most say you can’t lick them, because at least some contain gluten in the glue. to me, it’s just as easy to stay on the conservative side of things anyway. I simply run my finger under water and dampen the glue that way (and then I wash my hands immediately following). regular glue should be checked for gluten as well, so you know if you should wash your hands after using it or not. that is, unless you’re confident you won’t get any on yourself!

toothpaste is another thing to consider. this is the website that I consult, though most of the updates were in 2007, so it could be prudent to check with the company of your choice to make sure they haven’t changed any formulas:

on a related note, you should check with your dentist to see if the products they use are gluten-free, or which ones you need to avoid at your check-ups. it’s best to call a couple of weeks before your appointment, so they have time to do some research, if they don’t readily know.

something to watch out for with kids is playdough. if your kids have celiac or are gluten-sensitive, you may want to make homemade playdoughs with gluten-free flours. otherwise, they may end up putting it in their mouths and getting sick. I’ve even heard of some kids getting sick just from handling it, but that depends on the sensitivity of the child.

charcoal is another odd-ball item. Kingsford said last summer that they now use cornstarch in their coals instead of wheat. also, I believe that the natural hardwood coals should be naturally gluten-free (though you never know). these are what I use, because they have less chemicals in them anyway. as always though, feel free to check out any brands you like to use by contacting the company directly.

when you share a BBQ with gluten-eaters, just make sure that you have something to protect you from gummy gluten on the grill. a separate pan that sits above the grill works. or if you get a new grill, perhaps you can have your own dedicated GF area.

I’ve even heard rumors that some sheet-rock can contain gluten, so if you’re someone who works in construction and uses this material, or if your home is being remodeled, you may want to see if that’s true. and if so, try to avoid the area while the dust is in the air.

if you buy tea in individual tea bags, those bags sometimes contain gluten, so contact the manufacturer to make sure they’re gluten free. Aveda tea bags are 100% cotton, so those are safe. there are specialty ones in health food stores that write on the label that they’re gluten-free. if you like loose tea, I checked with Teavana, and their teas were all gluten free (I called last over a year ago though).

once you get the basics of the diet down, and learn some of these extras, hopefully it’ll open your eyes to just how many places wheat can be found. so just try and be as vigilant as possible, and question anything you suspect could be harmful.


One Response to “Getting Started: Other Non-Food Items to Consider”

  1. Carm Says:

    Wow. As always your knowledge and vigilance in this area is admirable.

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