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Gluten Free in the Upper Midwest

Maggiano’s Little Italy December 31, 2009

Maggiano’s was one of my favorite restaurants before I found out that I was celiac. several months after going gluten free, I heard that they carried gluten free corn noodles. however, without a special gluten free menu, I was doubtful that they would be careful enough and knowledgable enough to keep me from getting sick. I avoided going there for over a year. then one day, the nearby restaurants we wanted to go to were booked up, and we were forced to try Maggiano’s. I’m so thankful for that day, because now it’s once again one of my favorite restaurants!

as I mentioned, they have GF corn noodles. they’ve also reformulated many of the sauce bases to be gluten free, so that we have more options. if you have multiple allergies, the chef will come out and speak to you directly about what he can prepare for you. I’ve found that they’re usually excited to get to make something creative for me, which makes it fun. they’re very flexible and go out of their way to make something special.

one time, I was in a group of five, with two of us having gluten and other allergies, and the chef even allowed us to get the $20 per person family-style orders all gluten free! we got bottomless portions of 2 apps, 2 pasta dishes, and dessert all completely gluten free! that was a lot of gluten free noodles, and they didn’t even charge us extra~ very generous!! I would never expect them to do that again, because I realize that it costs more for them, but we were both so thankful to be eating exactly like everyone else, and they all enjoyed their gluten free meals as well.

the food is always amazing, and they’re always extra willing to take care of us with our special needs. that’s why they’re still one of my favorite restaurants!


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