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Cooqi Gluten Free Bakery January 2, 2010

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Cooqi bakery hit the scene in St Paul a few years ago, and they came out with a bang. it seems like they’ve been coming out with new products ever since. They pride themselves on making their products with whole grains, and as healthy as possible.

Their bread variety is quite vast~ I believe there are over 10 types at present. and many of them are available as dinner rolls or croutons. some are even made into hamburger/hotdog buns or stuffing cubes (depending on the season). their website shows a schedule of which day of the week various breads are made. they usually keep some of the stock frozen too, which works well if you go through your bread slowly. the last time I checked, all of the breads were dairy free, and the sourdough was egg free as well (and very tasty!)

they have the typical variety of desserts~ muffins, cookies, brownies, bars, and cupcakes. some are dairy free, others are not. they’ve been expanding their casein free menu options lately, so more is available to those on a GCF diet. one of the more fun treats are the donuts. I’ve yet to try them out, but they serve fresh donuts on Sundays. as with any orders, they encourage you to call ahead and reserve your items before coming, in case they run out by the time you get there. like the breads, the donuts are dairy free as well.

other items they carry are pizza crusts, which many restaurants around the metro use. they don’t contain any dairy or eggs (if you’d like or need a vegan pizza, Galactic Pizza and Pizza Luce both carry Cooqi pizza crusts and vegan soy cheeses). you can also just buy the crusts. they recently started selling some flour mixes and cookie dough, if you’d like a little help with baking, but would like to make something fresh at home.

while I enjoy most items I try from Cooqi, I will say that sometimes I wish the bread products’ portions were a bit larger. also, I know gluten free products are more expensive, and that whole grain flours must cost more, but I have to say that they are more expensive than other alternatives in the Twin Cities metro. they do have a coupon in the Blue Sky Guide, though, that you should definitely make use of, if you get a chance.

also, they sometimes use gluten-free oats, which some celiacs can’t ever tolerate. so if you’re one of them, just make sure you check the ingredients before purchasing.

overall, it’s a great bakery~ they do their best to promote healthy foods, and keep us celiacs feeling “normal”. they go out of their way to create more and more products for us that they know we miss. the fact that they often sell out of their products, I think, shows them how appreciated they are!


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