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Gluten Free in the Upper Midwest

Flame Restaurant January 8, 2010

Flame is located in the Rosedale Center (mall). they have a printout of gluten free menu items upon request. it’s not a long menu, but it’s nice that they have options. the mere fact that they have a GF menu indicates that they have some understanding of cooking gluten free and hopefully about cross-contamination, but I always make sure and go over everything with my waiter or waitress at any new restaurant I try, just in case. that is, until I’ve been there enough times to feel comfortable with their procedures (and I’ve only been there once so far).

the menu is one page~ we tried the salads, which are filled with fun things like craisins, apples, candied pecans, etc. they also have the old stand-by burgers without buns. while I’m not a fan of plain burgers, they have a few creative ones on their menu. they also have some rotisserie items~ chicken and beef.

like I said, it’s a small and basic menu, but it’s nice that they think of us and provide us with several gluten free options. and it’s always nice to have somewhere in a mall to be able to eat.


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