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Mexican Village Too! January 13, 2010

more gluten free Mexican food! this time in St Cloud.

I called the restaurant a couple of weeks before I went there, and asked about why or how the chips were on the gluten-free menu. the owner said that they don’t actually fry the chips at the restaurant, they purchase them. he told me he’d call the company that made them to see if they were made in a dedicated fryer (and safe for celiacs).

sure enough, when we went there, the owner was there and remembered me, and he said that the chips were safe for me to eat. yum! it’s such a treat to have chips at a Mexican restaurant!! we downed the chips and salsa, and even got a refill or two 🙂

they have a special gluten free menu, which is quite extensive. if there are things you need to substitute to make it gluten free, it lets you know what needs to be done. it’s fun that even a lot of the sauces are gluten free, although none of the enchilada sauces were… we substituted with a mixture of salsa and tomatillo sauce. I have to say that the tomatillo sauce is their secret weapon~ very tasty!! we put it on almost everything we had, once we discovered it.

the mahi mahi fish tacos were also really good. other examples of celiac-friendly Mexican foods there are the nachos, seven layer dip, ranchero tacos, wild tostada, fajitas, meat dishes, etc. the menu really is quite extensive, and available online to peruse.

at the end (back page) of the gluten free menu, they have items that don’t contain gluten, but share a fryer for the “less sensitive”. but of course, if you’re celiac, you should avoid all such foods.

the owner was there to address all of our concerns, and he knew all the ingredients in his foods, when we had further questions on other allergens. he even came by to confirm for me that I really did get white corn tortillas and not wheat ones, since they look so similar. I felt much more comfortable eating it after getting his stamp of approval!

all in all we loved it there, and I loved the leftovers the next day too! it’s so refreshing to have a Mexican restaurant where we can eat the tortilla chips gluten free~ it really opens up a lot more options. it’s not a chain restaurant, it’s just a quaint place with fabulous and authentic Mexican food.


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