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Grocery Guide Update: IPod/ IPhone Apps January 14, 2010

Triumph Dining now offers an I-Pod/ I-Phone app for their gluten free grocery guide with over 30,000 products, including many mainstream grocery brands, for $17.99. it also has a search feature, where you type in what you’re looking for, which should make the search easier and quicker.

another gluten free grocery guide available for the IPod/ IPhone, Blackberry, Palm OS, Mac, and Windows, as well as in physical pocketguide form is available from Clan Thompson.

there are also other gluten free or celiac IPod/IPhone apps. some are free, and some cost anywhere from nominal amounts to the same prices as actual books would cost. apps include lists of gluten free groceries, gluten free restaurants, tips for eating out (IEatOut has one where you select all of your allergens, and it tells you what to look out for at restaurants, by type of cuisine). there are some pretty interesting ones out there. there’s one that shows chain restaurants’ gluten free menu items by restaurant. some of them have additional features like ingredient lists of what is, what isn’t, and what might possibly contain gluten, if you’re wondering about a product that’s not specifically listed in a particular gluten free grocery guide.

just go to ITunes, go to the apps page in the store, and search for “gluten free” or “celiac” and I’m sure a bunch will come up. also, if you search for the Triumph Dining app, related ones will show up as well. I’d advise anyone to read the reviews and its rating to see how well others like it, before buying one. it can be really handy to have an electronic form of gluten free grocery guides on the go.


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