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American Girl Store & Restaurant January 22, 2010

the American Girl store is a great place to bring kids. it’s a great destination experience, especially for girls, including a restaurant that can accomodate celiac diets and allergies of all kinds.

the store is filled with dolls of varying sizes (there are feature dolls with names and personalized stories and accessories, bitty babies that are smaller, and more generic dolls that you can get with varying features). they also have lots of accessories and clothes, and books about the feature girls.

it’s the most fun for girls who have an American Girl doll, not only because they can shop around for accessories and such, but also because there are fun things to do with the dolls. for instance, they have a hair salon for the dolls, with a menu of options for straight and curly-haired dolls that they can do. the dolls have little salon chairs to sit in while the employees work their hair magic.

the restaurant/ cafe has little chairs for the American girls to sit in that attach to the tables, so the dolls are pulled up right next to the girls in little “high chairs” while they eat. it’s best to call ahead if you know that you’re going to eat at the American Girl store, so that they can provide more gluten free options. I believe they told me that almost all of the dishes could be made gluten free, with a few adaptations.

to tie the whole experience together, they also host birthday parties, full of all these fun activities.

it’s a fun and magical experience for kids, especially if you’re willing to buy one of the dolls (which can be pricey). otherwise it can be a little disappointing for the girls to look, but not be a part of the experience. but it’s always nice when destinations for family outtings make provisions for children with allergies.


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