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Coborns Delivers January 25, 2010

Coborn’s Delivers has made a huge effort to cater to the gluten free crowd. for those of you not familiar with Coborn’s, they are a home-delivery grocery service. they deliver to the greater Minneapolis/ St Paul metro and the St Cloud area.

their goal with their gluten free section is to create a one-stop shop for us, since we celiacs often have to go to several stores to get everything we need for various recipes or meals. they took the counsel of various people and celiac groups, and came up with a great selection of gluten free products, that’s constantly growing (they just added all sorts of goodies from Bittersweet Bakery!!).

to get to the GF section/ department, (go to the Home Delivery section to start), then click on My Lists, and then there are some Quick Lists on the top right, and choose Gluten Free. the GF “department” has several sections to ¬†browse through. this includes condiments, frozen items, baking items, breakfast, pasta, snacks, and even GF beer (Redbridge), to name a few of them.

they stay very competitive in their pricing, which can be difficult to find with our specialty items. also, they list the ingredients in each item when you click on it, in case you have multiple allergies. (for all products, not just the gluten free items) this also is a nice tool for those of you who aren’t in the delivery area~ you could still check the ingredients for products online if you wish.

one nice feature to the website is that you can create a custom list of your favorite items, so that you can just change around quantities each time, without constantly looking them up. it explains how to do this on the website in the My Lists section.

it’s a flat $5-10 delivery free, depending on how much you spend, and if you want the groceries on the same day or the next (although they have annual unlimited delivery packages that you can purchase if you become a frequent customer). you can actually get free shipping, if you pick the groceries up at park & ride locations around the Twin Cities metro.

I had only heard great things about them, and finally tried them out this past weekend. it was a great way to avoid going to the store, and I got normal groceries plus my specialty gluten-free products as well. they just dump off the bins in a 4-hour window of your choosing, and then you can either exchange the green tubs they come in with your next order, or schedule a pick-up online (for free). the insulation in the bins would last up to like 8 hours, I was told. I was glad that I was there when they came though, because I wouldn’t have wanted to store 3 big bins until a pick-up or another delivery. they are pretty big! (and I didn’t really order that much food, but each type of item is packed separately: frozen, fresh, veggies~ the want to make sure the groceries are in good condition when found on the steps).

the representative also said that most people fear that they’ll get bad produce (keep in mind, it’s a full-service grocery store, not just GF), so they go above and beyond to get the freshest produce. (they tell you online which produce items are “better” or “best” at the moment, since in the winter, fruits and vegetables don’t look the juiciest or their best) and the people I know who use it regularly confirm that it’s true that the produce is better than regular grocery stores. some say it’s their favorite thing to order from them!

I’m very impressed by everything I’ve seen and heard from them, as well as from my first delivery experience. everyone I know who has tried it is hooked.


5 Responses to “Coborns Delivers”

  1. Dave Says:

    We’ve been using Coborns since they were Simon Delivers back in our pre-GF days. They are super-convenient. I remember sitting with our toes in the sand in an internet cafe in Central America and ordering grocery to be delivered the day we arrived back home.

    Now we make a GF fill-in order with them about once a month. They have the Mrs. Leepers corn pasta that we really enjoy, as well as the French Meadow maroons that are very tasty. Rumor has it they are partnering with Cooqi and will start offering some of their products.

    • rebeccagf Says:

      I hadn’t heard about the possible Cooqi deal, but I had suggested to them a couple of weeks ago about setting up something with Bittersweet Bakery, because I know they already package their products to various stores and co-ops, and it looks like today they just added them! so Bittersweet goodies are now available for order at Coborns!

  2. Claire Luck Says:

    Sorry, I live in London (UK), does Coborn’s own the groceries or simply delivers them?

    • rebeccagf Says:

      they are a grocery store that delivers their food. Coborn’s is not a brand of gluten free foods. it delivers in the Minneapolis/ St Paul and Duluth areas of Minnesota in the USA.

      stay tuned for an upcoming blog about some of my favorite gluten free foods and brands.

  3. Thank you for the kind words, Rebecca! Did you make it to our fall Open House? We had some gluten-free specialists giving tips and talking about products.

    Oh …just one other thing …we do have Coborn’s grocery stores, too! CobornsDelivers is just one (very convenient) way of getting our products in to your home.

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