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Crumb Gourmet Deli January 27, 2010

I love Crumb Deli! they go out of their way for us celiacs. not only do they carry gluten free bread (from Bittersweet Bakery), but they have a separate counter that they prepare our sandwiches on, including our very own dedicated gluten free toaster! I find that very thoughtful. they carry Boar’s Head brand meats and cheeses, so those are all gluten free. this means that we can order basically any entree! (except the wraps) and they have some really fun sandwich options.

they have at least a few gluten free soups, but some of them rotate, so just ask which ones you can have when you go in. the chili (my favorite, and I like to bring my own tortilla chips to crunch in it), is both gluten and dairy free, the tortilla soup is also gluten free and I believe it’s also dairy free but am not positive, and then there’s a creamy tomato soup that gluten free, but contains dairy. they are available in quart-sized takeout containers

you can do a 1/2 sandwich with a 1/2 soup, but I don’t recommend this, as the gluten-free bread is a little smaller, and that doesn’t amount to much of a sandwich. but if you order a full sandwich, it should be enough to fill you, because the gluten free bread is so dense. I often take off the top piece of bread, since I’m not used to eating much bread anyway.

each sandwich or salad comes with chips or fruit. I love that they have fruit~ often pears or apples. the plain potato chips are also gluten-free. and to finish off the meal, they have gluten free cookies, also from Bittersweet Bakery! yum!

they’re very careful and conscientious while preparing our gluten free meals~ changing gloves, preparing in a separate area, etc. my only concern when I go there is that unless you request that they use ingredients out of the back room, they will use the ingredients and toppings from the normal bar where all the regular sandwiches are made. some people aren’t concerned about this, but I prefer to request that they get my ingredients from the back. so that’s your choice, but know that it’s an option.

they are always very accommodating when you ask. I’ve never had any problems there~ they’re so helpful and friendly. I wish I made it there more often! they’re located in Eden Prairie on Hwy 5 (62 turns into 212, which turns into 5) & Mitchell Road, right off the exit.

I should also mention that they cater….


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