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Good Food Store & Backroom Deli January 31, 2010

I almost always stop at the Good Food Store & Back Room Deli when I’m in Rochester. I specifically go there for the restaurant, but do a little grocery shopping while I’m there.

they’ve made a few changes recently. the deli used to be entirely vegan, and almost everything on the menu could be made gluten free, with possible variations. they’re no longer exclusively vegan, but still have many vegan options. they have some good wraps (with a wide assortment of veggies and sprouts in them), sandwiches, and the burgers can be made in wrap form to make them gluten free. they usually have some cold salads with interesting grains or fruits/vegetables/ nuts, soups (often gluten free), some desserts, including ice cream and smoothies.

they also recently switched their fries, which used to be home fries, made on an exclusively gluten free grill. and at first I was sad to hear that they no longer made them, but when I tasted the new shoestring french fries made in a dedicated fryer, I completely forgot about the other ones. and even though it comes in a huge serving, we ordered another batch! yum!

the deli also carries several breakfast items. another favorite menu item of mine are the (gluten-free) buckwheat pancakes. I recommend starting with a single one~ they take up an entire plate, and since they’re made of buckwheat, they’re pretty dense and filling, but very tasty! and they come with either maple syrup or agave. they were actually recommended to me by another customer, but it took a few visits before I actually ordered them.

and while I wait for my order to be prepared, I usually peruse the store. they have the usual co-op or health food fare. the gluten free section is a few aisles long. one interesting thing is that they mix up Bette Hagman’s four-bean gluten-free flour mix in a big bulk container (stored in the GF section), and you can scoop out what you want. this seems pretty convenient (and was reasonably priced), if you don’t want to spend the time making your own mix and buying all the different flours. they also have another GF flor blend that they say can be substituted cup-for-cup for Bette Hagman (the Gluten Free Gourmet)’s regular gluten free flour mix. also available in bulk in the GF section are Bob’s Red Mill Mighty Tasty Gluten Free Hot Cereal, certain single flours and starches, some GF noodles, GF rice krispies (they look perfect for making krispy treats), etc. usually I’d worry about cross-contamination with bulk containers, but these are located deep within the gluten free section, all by themselves.

they also have a room with all kinds of other bulk containers~ shampoos, cleaning products, beans/ lentils, herbs, spices, etc. it had quite the variety.

I haven’t explored Rochester enough to see if there are a lot of other co-op or health food- type stores there are, but this one is really nice, and it’s close to the regular hospital and the Mayo. it’s also right next door to HyVee, who has a huge list of their HyVee brand products that are gluten free (and very cheap!!) so I usually stop at both places while I’m there.

I should also mention that one other store I do know of is the Gluten-Free Cupboard of Rochester, which is exclusively gluten free! the shop is small, but carries a ton of different products. they also ship their products from their website, so you can check them out, even if you live elsewhere in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, or anywhere really. so check them out if you go to Rochester or online. it’s nice to support businesses that cater to the celiacs and the gluten free crowd.


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