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Gluten Free in the Upper Midwest

PF Changs February 8, 2010

if you’re looking for a gluten free Chinese restaurant, PF Changs is a great option. they’re reasonably inexpensive, have a great atmosphere, and are located nation-wide.

the gluten free Chinese / Asian food options are on their own menu. I find it easiest to cross-reference the gluten-free with the regular menu, in order to get more detail on the dish and to get the pricing info.

they have a few starters, including the lettuce wraps, which is one of my favorites. they also have a soup option, and several sides that are gluten free (including fried rice!).

then there are around 7-9 entree choices, I’d say. some of them even include a crispy chicken, pan-fried in cornstarch~ a very tasty treat! there are several seafood options as well. and the entrees come with individual bowls of white or brown rice, which can be refilled as necessary.

the gluten-free orders are flagged for allergies, and are made in separate, individual pans, some of them modified versions. when the dishes come out of the kitchen, they have special plates or serving spoon arrangements to designate the gluten free dishes, to ensure the wait staff keeps them straight.

there is a gluten free soy sauce that you can request from your waiter/ waitress, which I think is a nice touch.

to top it off, they have a gluten free flourless chocolate dessert. it does contain dairy, though, so for those who also have dairy allergies, it would unfortunately be off-limits still.

if you plan to go often, you can fill out a form to get a free “warrior card”, where you get a percentage off your meal, and that percentage can change each year. mine, for instance, is 10% off each time I go this year. this helps them to become even more budget-friendly, especially for a sit-down restaurant.


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