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Lakewinds’ Gluten-Free Round-Up February 13, 2010

Lakewinds Co-op is having its annual gluten-free round-up next month. there will be 30 vendors there with lots of demos and free samples!

these gluten free samples are a blessing for the celiac / gluten free crowd~ these specialty products can be quite costly in comparison, and it’s a great opportunity to be able to sample the foods before buying them. I like to bring a notebook along, just to make sure that I remember all the new products that I discover and enjoy!

Lakewinds’ sample fair is the best that I’ve been to in the Minneapolis/ St Paul metro, so I definitely recommend checking it out!

the Minnetonka location is having theirs on March 6th from 11am to 4pm

the Chanhassen location is having their round-up on March 20th, again from 11am until 4pm

here is a link to their website, where you can find location information:


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