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Biaggi’s February 16, 2010

Biaggi’s is a fun restaurant to go to if you’re celiac / gluten-free. they have a ton of options (they have a large, two-page menu of gluten-free items!), with a wide variety of price ranges, which makes it a good option for many different occasions.

there are a few appetizers that you can start with. I haven’t ordered them before, but carpaccio is always good, and caprese salad has been a long-time favorite of mine, so the apps look really tasty.

for casual, more budget-friendly dining, salads are a good option. there are quite a few fun salad options, but I’ve never ventured beyond my favorite, which happens to be the chopped chicken salad. I don’t know what it is about this salad, but I can never get enough~ lettuce, tomato, avocado, bacon, grilled chicken, and a delicious (and dairy-free) creamy dressing. it’s like my favorite chicken club sandwich in salad form. and how can you go wrong with avocados and bacon?! but there are tons of other salads to try out as well.

the pasta is also quite reasonable, and it also comes with a ton of options. there are a handful of specialty pasta dishes. but even if you just want noodles with a pasta sauce, they have a dozen gluten-free sauces~ including alfredo, bolognese, espresso sauce, marsala, mac & cheese sauce, pesto, roasted red pepper cream, rum caramel, scallion cream, etc. the only problem is that if you have dairy allergies, the pasta sauce choices are much more limited. in fact, they basically have to crush tomatoes and make it into a sauce, at least that was the case the last time I ordered pasta.

gluten-free pizzas are a new addition to their GF menu. they kindly brought samples of their new pizzas to various celiac groups around the Twin Cities, and were given rave reviews.  it looks like the menu has finally been updated to reflect the gluten free pizza options.

and if you’d like to make your visit more of a special occasion, they have quite a few entrees that are pretty elegant and tasty. I’ve still never gotten to the seared sea bass, but I’ve been eying that one for awhile now. there are plenty of chicken dishes, and a few steak options. I’ve had the grilled chicken pietro a couple of times. it’s not the best thing I’ve had, but as long as there isn’t too much of the thick sauce on it, I find it strangely addicting.

in fact, I was recently involved in a wedding (in Illinois), and the groom’s dinner was at a restaurant with no gluten-free options. so my dinner (and lunch the next day) came from Biaggi’s. I felt more comfortable getting my food from a restaurant who is fully aware of allergy and cross-contamination concerns anyway. so their entrees really are worthy of special occasions.

locations in the Minneapolis/ St Paul area include Maple Grove and Eden Prairie, but there are locations several locations in the Midwest and in a few more states nationwide.


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