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Gluten Free in the Upper Midwest

magazines February 19, 2010

there are some gluten-free publications out there that might be of interest to you.

first, there’s Gluten-Free Living. I subscribed to this for awhile, but recently let my subscription lapse. it was helpful with its different articles about current events, like news about new gluten-free testing laws/ guidelines, new GF products or restaurants, etc. I found their rules of thumb about questionable ingredients to be a little liberal. I like to take extra caution, since some products aren’t produced in the US, and may not follow all the same guidelines. but they ruled many questionable ingredients as safe now. that was my only beef with it, and again, it’s because I take extra precautions. otherwise it was informative, although infrequent (it’s a quarterly publication). a lot of the information is on their website for free (labeling laws, ingredients, etc), so you could check that out if you wanted. it’s also available for individual purchase at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Whole Foods, and other retail locations.

I’ve also bought a copy of Living Without, which has information, news, and recipes that exclude multiple allergies. they had some really tasty-looking recipes! I picked this one up at Whole Foods, and it’s quite common in co-ops, health food stores, etc. it’s definitely one of the most popular magazines in its categories.

other gluten-free magazines include Delight Gluten-Free and Gluten Free Monthly. and another allergen-free publications are Allergic Living, which had some really interesting feature articles shown online. all of which have useful websites, even if you don’t end up subscribing.

here in the Minneapols/ St Paul area, there is a free monthly publication called Twin Cities Naturally that you can pick up at GF bakeries, co-ops, Whole Foods, etc. it isn’t exclusively gluten-free, but often includes GF recipes or other points of interest for celiacs.

again, even if you don’t elect to buy a subscription, the websites are a great tool to check periodically for news, updates, recipes, etc.


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