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Pizza Luce February 25, 2010

Pizza Luce is one of my favorite restaurants. even though it’s a flour-rich environment, they are very conscientious about keeping their gluten-free foods from cross-contamination. they’re general manager and kitchen manager have been certified through the Celiac Awareness Group. this is why they’ve been slow to add locations and days that they offer gluten-free menu options. as of now, they only offer the GF menu at the St Paul (Selby Ave) and downtown Minneapolis locations, but they now offer it every day at those locations, which is great progress.

I’ve already mentioned their pizzas in my very first entry about all the pizza places in town, but I’ll recap a little about it again. they use Cooqi bakery’s pizza crusts, which are egg-free, dairy-free, and vegan as well as gluten-free. and they also offer two vegan cheese alternatives: a soy cheese that they’ve gotten really good at melting, and a “rinotta” nut-based mixture. so if you’re also allergic to dairy, Pizza Luce is your answer! other GF pizza options include most of their specialty pizzas. and each pizza is 10″, so it serves 1-2 people.

the GF menu doesn’t stop there though, there are tons of other options, which are best for people without any dairy restrictions. they have a handful of appetizer options, including chicken wings that they bake with a GF BBQ sauce (Sweet Baby Ray’s), and several options involving GF break: artichoke dip, bruschetta, etc.they also have several salad options.

and to top it off, they have several gluten-free desserts! they have gluten- & dairy-free brownies and a few ice cream options.

I almost forgot to mention that they carry gluten-free beer! both Redbridge AND Bard’s! back when they only did GF meals on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, you could just look around and see gluten-free beer at almost every table! so I think the celiac crowd has made quite a positive impact on them, and of course we’re thankful to Pizza Luce for offering us such great (and tasty!!) options. I just hope they expand their gluten-free menu options to their other locations with time.


2 Responses to “Pizza Luce”

  1. Gloria Says:

    I love that you included vegan and not just gluten free. For health concerns our family cleared the refrigerator and cabinets of non-vegan, gluten, sugar and caffeine products. After a few days of depression from the men in the family:) everyone’s happy and feeling much healthier already! Basically it’s blogs like yours that has given me fantastic ideas.

  2. Suzanne Says:

    Great review! I think we may go there this weekend.

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