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Gluten Free in the Upper Midwest

Capital Grille March 7, 2010

the Capital Grille is an upscale steakhouse, with various locations across the country. the one in Minneapolis is located on Hennepin Ave, near the Target Center. most steakhouses are able to accommodate their gluten-free guests, but the Capital Grille goes a bit further by offering a gluten-free menu.

the menu has gluten-free options in all the categories: appetizers, salads, steaks, seafood, and even several desserts. if you have other allergies, they’re very easy to work with, and they’ll come up with great alternatives for you.

and if you’ve ever been to a Capital Grille, you’ll know how great the food is. it’s very high in quality, and the chefs are great. once they made me a special potato side dish that was fried up with onions and was fairly complex, and I was very appreciative and impressed at how great it tasted, for just making it on the fly. they were also very discrete so that my entire table didn’t have to know about my special “allergy” complications, which I appreciated.

all in all, the Capital Grille has always been one of my two favorite steakhouses in town (the other of which is no longer in business). they cook a great steak, have great seafood (the crab is my favorite, and they even shell it for you if you wish), and their wine list is extensive. but as with many steakhouses, it can be pricey. they use high quality steaks, and the salads and sides (which feed several people) are all extra. so it’s a great place to go for special nights out, celebrations, and business dinners.


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