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Gluten Free in the Upper Midwest

Amore Victoria March 11, 2010

Amore Victoria is located in Uptown (Minneapolis), and is a sister restaurant to Victoria’s Ristorante in Rochester. and like Victorias, they, too, accommodate for celiacs and the gluten-free crowd.

they usually carry 2 types of pasta, a normal spaghetti-like long pasta and a bow-tie pasta to choose from, and these can be made with most of the dishes and sauces. they do have a rather high surcharge for the gluten-free pasta though. a few years ago I believe I paid an extra $4 on an $8 meal, so I thought that was quite sizable (maybe I should’ve ordered a more expensive dish so it blended in better!).  I’m not sure what the charge is now, but I’ve heard comments that it’s still fairly high. but it’s still nice to have options, and that most of the dishes are available to us.

the last time I went, however, they were out of both kinds of the gluten-free noodles, so you may want to call ahead to be sure that they have them in stock if that’s what you plan to order. there were still salads and breakfast items available at lunchtime that I could have had. but I decided to get a risotto. I’m not even sure a risotto was on the lunch menu, but they just made me one with whatever I wanted in it, so that was really nice. it was very tasty, and since there were no special noodles involved, I didn’t even have to pay a surcharge!

it’s also in a nice location~ there aren’t a whole lot of gluten-free restaurant options in the Uptown area. so if you’re in the area and need somewhere to go, this could be a good option. they’ll work with you to find something you’ll enjoy. and as with most Italian restaurants, it can either be a simple, inexpensive meal, or a multi-course, extravagant meal. your choice.


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