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New Hope Cinema Grill March 13, 2010

the New Hope Cinema Grill offers gluten-free pizzas! it’s a great place for everyone’s entertainment~ couples, families, or even kids’ birthday parties. it can also be rented out for various events; and at times they offer live performances, such as comedians. it’s a rare thing to find a theater that offers dinner & a movie.

it’s a movie theater with six screens that show slightly older movies, and they serve entire dinners during the movie. everyone’s seated and orders their entire meal from apps to dessert, and then they bring the food as it’s ready.

there are special weeknight deals on Tuesdays ($2 Tuesdays~ discounted admission and concession items) and Wednesdays (pizza night~ though I’m not sure if pizza night specials would be available with the gluten-free pizzas).

they’re currently re-vamping their menu, so it would be a good time to go and show your interest in gluten-free products and foods, if you think this is something that you would enjoy. I don’t think many people are aware of their gluten-free pizzas yet, so they haven’t seen much demand, other than for groups of kids that have rented out the theater for special showings. but if they do see higher demand for it, they may expand to get GF buns and such.

and of course, there are other items that can be altered to be gluten-free, such as salads without croutons, plain burgers, etc. their menu is on their website.

I haven’t actually been there yet myself~ I actually just found out about them. but it looked so unique and fun, that I called them up to get some more info to share with everyone right away! I can’t wait to go!


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