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Illinois Nut & Candy Co. March 25, 2010

Illinois Nut & Candy Co. isn’t a company in our area, but they were just in the news for an unrelated topic, so I checked out their website. and after investigating, I found that they make plenty of gluten-free, casein-free candies and treats! they label each item as to whether it’s free of gluten, casein, food dye, lactose (pareve), sugar, or whether it’s organic or vegan. they’re a Jewish company, and everything is kosher, which means they do a really good job at preventing cross-contamination.

they obviously carry candies specifically for Jewish holidays, but they also have some Easter candies, including chocolate bunnies! while it’s not too difficult to find GFCF jelly beans, I don’t know of any other GFCF Easter chocolates for children with gluten or casein allergies/ restrictions, so I took note and thought that others might be interested in this.

this is the largest candy website I’ve ever seen (not that I’ve been to that many)~ but their “candy” section has 18 different sections within it, including chewy candies, hard candy, licorice (which can be difficult to find gluten-free as well~ and they have many varieties), mints, etc. they also have “chocolate”, and “confections” sections that are quite extensive as well.

then they have some savory treats, like “nuts & fruit” and “popcorn” sections.

and then a neat section that they have is called “baking supplies” where they have a wide variety of sprinkles (for baking), and a few other things.

not everything on this website is gluten free (or dairy-free), but you can filter by these items by clicking on the “gluten free”, and then looking through the sections~ only those that are GF will show up. if you need further specifications, colored dots are below each item to designate what it contains or is free of from the list I mentioned at the top, since you can only filter by one item at a time.

I usually see annual lists of GF or GFCF mainstream candies pop up around Easter time~ and a good compilation can be found at My Gluten Facts. but the Illinois Nut & Candy Co. is the only company I’ve found that makes chocolates for Easter baskets, among many, many other goodies (and yes, you can order online.) I thought it was the perfect time of year to make this discovery, so I just wanted to share!

post-script: I later found this website for the Chocolate Emporium that has a lot of gluten-free candy (all of it is dairy-free), also available during Passover season and beyond.


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