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Red Robin March 29, 2010

Red Robin was the first restaurant in the Minneapolis/ St Paul area where I knew I could eat french fries (in a dedicated fryer), and therefore holds a special place in my heart.

each time you go, they’ll print you a new menu, so that it’s always the most recent version available. I’m sure there are salads and specialty drinks (they have a lot of fun ones) that are gluten-free, but I always stick to the burgers!

the burgers are wrapped in lettuce (in my opinion, a little too much lettuce, so I end up taking half of it off), and whatever toppings you choose, just make sure to order it without seasoning. they usually wrap it in paper, so you can hold it and dip into ketchup and such, but I find it easier to just get a fork and knife.

make sure to order the fries without seasoning as well. they have separate fryers for the french fries, and the seasoning is added afterward, and they’re very careful to keep them segregated. I think they also have a separate fryer for seafood, so that people with shellfish or other seafood allergies can eat the rest of their menu items safely. very thoughtful!

the fries are long and a little thick, about the size of a fishstick. and they’re usually super hot when you get them because they’ll make a special batch for you as soon as you order. and did I mention that they give free refills on them when you order a burger?! I always end up eating way too many fries because it’s such a treat for me!

it’s a fun place to bring kids, since they give out free balloons, and have coloring crayons and activity sheet menus for them. and they seem to handle birthday parties pretty well~ I’ve seen quite a few on my visits.

so far I’ve only visited the Shoreview and Apple Valley locations (I’ve yet to go to the Plymouth restaurant), but both restaurants I’ve gone to were wonderfully helpful and extra careful with my special needs. I’d recommend them to anyone!


One Response to “Red Robin”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    We go to the Apple Valley Red Robin every few weeks as it is the one place my 4 1/2 year old and myself can get french fries out. The managers know us are great with my son. He isn’t interested in the hamburgers yet, so he just eats the fries, but recently had the grilled chick on a stick which is just a chicken breast cut into thirds and put on a wooden stick. Thankfully he doesn’t like the sauces as they are not GF. Whatever he doesn’t eat, I take home for lunch the next day and ask for some pesto aioli to go for dipping. They’ll also fill up the to-go box w/ more gf fries.

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