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Tailor Made Nutrition April 5, 2010

walking into Tailor Made Nutrition is like a breath of fresh air. it’s a nice and spacious store filled with exclusively gluten-free foods.

it’s a mental shift for me when I enter, to remember that everything in there is gluten-free. and because it’s all gluten-free, the selection of items is really large. I’m so used to shopping at multiple stores to get all the products that I like~ but because all the shelf space is available only for GF foods, they’re able to carry almost all the flavors, styles, or products from the companies whose products I enjoy. I’ve never seen such a huge selection all at one place.

besides groceries, they have a couple of aisles of other products, such as cosmetics, lotions, supplements, cleaning supplies, etc.

and beyond all of the products, they also have an office for various services, including a naturopath doctor and a nutritionist. they also offer frequent gluten-free classes that are free of charge! other services include call-ahead ordering, and they’ll prepare your shopping list for you.

their website is a good one to bookmark, as it keeps up-to-date on upcoming events (of which there are many), specials (including age 55+ discount Tuesdays, and random discount days for various categories of products), and other events or links of interest.

Tailor Made is located in Woodbury, MN, near the intersection of Tamarack and Radio Drive.

the only other completely gluten-free grocery store I’ve seen in the area is the Gluten-Free Cupboard of Rochester, which was a pioneer in this area. the GF Cupboard is obviously located in Rochester (MN). and although it’s a much smaller space, they deliver their products for website orders, which is a nice feature.


One Response to “Tailor Made Nutrition”

  1. Sarah Didrikson Says:

    I agree! Tailor Made is an amazing store. It is a bit of a drive for me from Brooklyn Park but it is worth the trip!

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