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Seasoning Blends April 8, 2010

Seasonings are products, like chocolate or tater tots/ frozen potato products, that could have flour in them without labeling as such. the flour can keep the seasoning from clumping together.  I believe that single-spice containers are generally safe (consult a grocery guide or manufacturer to be sure). but when they mix several together, such as Italian seasonings mixtures, that’s when I get more concerned.

I was pleased to learn that McCormick doesn’t use flour to prevent clumping, and if there is gluten in the spice/ seasoning blend, they will label it as such. (I gave them a call to confirm). since McCormick is available at nearly every grocery store, this is great news.

I’ve also read several statements from McCormick saying that their extracts use alcohol that is not grain-based and is therefore gluten-free. it didn’t sound like any of the extracts contained gluten, but it would appear on the label if it did.

I thought I’d share this info, in case others have a difficult time finding allergen info on these items as well. happy cooking and baking!


One Response to “Seasoning Blends”

  1. Missy Says:

    Thank you for looking into this! You saved me a lot of trouble! 🙂

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