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GIG Annual Conference: June 4-5 in Bloomington, MN April 12, 2010

the Gluten Intolerance Group will be having their annual conference in the Twin Cities this year! the theme will be “Savor the Flavor of a Healthy Gluten Free Life”, and it’ll be held at the Minneapolis Airport Marriott (across from the Mall of America).

on Thursday, June 3rd, they’ll have a leadership training day for GIG leaders. and June 4th-5th will be open to the public for registration. you can sign up for just one day or both, whatever you prefer. early registration discounts will be available through May 6th.

the conference schedule is online, and the seminars look really interesting! the conference begins on Friday as a large group session with the latest research from Dr Joseph Murray of the Mayo Clinic. through the rest of that day, they have a couple of tracks that you can choose from~ the Beginner Track includes topics like emergency preparedness, exercise, movement, and eating to banish belly fat, Asian appetizers, and starting GF life. the Veteran Track has topics such as using whole grains to their fullest, including aspects of a Mediterranean diet, and controlling metabolic syndrome.

on Saturday, they have it set up so that there’s a General Program, again with the Beginner and Veteran tracks, and with topics such as label reading and nutrition recommendations, how gluten affects neurotransmitters, depression, & anxiety, a couple of baking class options, traveling gluten-free, dining smart, bone health, etc. lots to choose from!

and then they have an interesting program for parents on Saturday. it begins with a teen cook-off, and then has several different classes regarding how to be an advocate for or talk to your kids about allergies. there will also be a panel of teens with celiac disease, for parents to ask questions of them, which sounds like a great idea!

Saturday ends with an evening banquet (gluten free, of course), but you may have to register separately for this. I believe they will accommodate dairy allergies as well, but not much beyond that for other special dietary concerns.

both days include large group activities, such as morning exercises, exhibits, and gluten-free breakfast and lunch (which I believe are included).

if you choose not to register and attend the conference, the exhibits are open to the public at specified times, so you should still check out the schedule and see if you can make it there for the free exhibits. I’m sure there will be lots of new products and companies there to check out!

try and make the most of it, because it’s not every day that we get to host a national celiac conference!


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