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Passover Food is my new Favorite Thing April 15, 2010

I’m not Jewish. however, I’ve recently discovered that some of our dietary habits are aligned.

I’ve long trusted kosher products over others. while gluten and dairy can be found in kosher foods, I understand that they have pretty strict rules against certain forms of cross-contamination, and therefore generally trust their manufacturing processes more. also, I’ve generally found that kosher foods are more pure and have less fillers, which I try to avoid when possible. again, I’m no expert in the matter, so please forgive me if I get any of my Jewish facts wrong.

now as for Passover… I recently visited a nearby Jewish deli, as I heard that they carry Katz’s gluten free breads and treats. (I’ve tried samples, and they were really good!) I was curious if they had a lot of other gluten-free food. it happened to be just after Passover, so they had a lot of the special Passover products still available.

the owner explained to me that there are a couple of groups with different views of how to observe Passover~ and one of those groups doesn’t eat anything with gluten in it. apparently all of the main gluten-containing grains may inadvertently become moistened after harvest, and begin to ferment, which is part of the leavening process that they adamantly try to avoid. just make sure to continue reading labels, to make sure that the food you select is, in fact, gluten-free.

so as I got the tour through the store, I found some great specialty Passover foods~ like gluten-free egg noodles, which I’m thrilled to be able to use in soups. they also had gluten (and dairy-free) desserts, like pies, cakes, etc. they also had some entrees, like eggplant parmesan. and because they were all made especially for Passover, they were gluten free!

I heard long ago that if you have corn allergies, Passover is a great time to buy your powdered sugar, in order to get it corn-free. I’m not sure whether that’s true or not. but it’s worth looking into, for anyone with corn allergies.

anyway, this post comes a little too late to find the broad assortment of gluten-free Passover foods that are available beforehand. however, it does come in time to find some great deals on those foods leftover from the Passover season! there is a local Jewish deli in St Louis Park, Fishman’s Kosher Deli. several of the local grocery stores have large kosher sections that may also have such foods, like Byerly’s in St Louis Park, among others. and of course, there are many, many places online that you can order from. there’s still time to check it out this year!

I love it when I find other groups of people whose dietary interests are aligned. it helps us understand each other just a little more. (knowing how difficult it is to go gluten-free, I’m impressed that the Jewish people give it up around this time every year!) and it can benefit everyone involved when we discover these symbiotic relationships. another example of this are those with casein/ dairy allergies and vegans.

anyway, I was delighted to find that such great gluten-free products are available for Passover, and am excited to check it out more thoroughly next year!


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