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Cooqi Bakery: Closing Shop April 19, 2010

sad news today in the gluten-free realm of the Twin Cities! Cooqi just announced that they’re closing on April 30, 2010. so head there in the next couple of weeks if you’d like to stock up on any last-minute baked goods.

the only good news is that they’ll still be offering mixes of their most popular items, to be sold in stores and co-ops across the metro, in the near future.

also, they will post videos on their website of how to make their items step-by-step, to obtain bakery-quality results.

As for the countless pizza places across the metro that make their gluten-free pizzas with Cooqi’s gluten-free and vegan crusts…   I believe they’re working with Madwoman Foods to continue making these pizza crusts without interruption.

Cooqi will be missed greatly!


4 Responses to “Cooqi Bakery: Closing Shop”

  1. Dave Says:

    That’s shame – best GF pizza crusts and bread in the Twin Cities. Had their sugar cookies last week and they were incredible. Are they just closing the front door and moving to a wholesale operation?

    • rebeccagf Says:

      I’m not sure on the specifics yet, but even though they won’t function as a bakery, they will continue to make mixes for their most popular items: like breads, pizza crusts, cakes, pancakes, muffins, and baking flour mixes, to be sold in stores.

      I’m also curious to see how they’ll handle their pizza crust situation, as they currently provide crusts for many of the places serving gluten-free pizzas in town. I made a call to one of those restaurants this morning, and they hadn’t heard anything from Cooqi yet. I’ll keep you posted when I find out anything new.

      also, check their website in the last week, as they’ll be having final week clearance discounts on whatever’s left.

  2. Kathy Says:

    Hi…I thought I left a comment here but it’s gone. I am another person who will miss Cooqi and wish we could find a way to save it.

    • rebeccagf Says:

      I agree~ I wish they would’ve let us know that they were in trouble, so we could’ve tried to rally for them, like Madwoman did! I guess our metro just can’t support 3 dedicated gluten-free bakeries. we were very lucky for a time. hopefully Madwoman and Bittersweet will do better now, so that we don’t have any more closings! and at least we will still have their pizza crusts available at the restaurants they supplied, and that various Cooqi product mixes sold in stores.

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