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Healthy Gluten-Free Travel Snacks April 22, 2010

whether you’re going on vacation or just to the mall, as a celiac, it’s always good to bring a snack just in case!

some of my favorite portable snacks come from Trader Joes. they carry a wide variety of nuts. a big bag of any type is a good thing to bring on a vacation, but they also carry “just a handful” packs. these are a bag of about a dozen single-serve nut packets. I carry one of these in my purse at all times.

Trader Joes also has kettle corn in single-serving packets that I know are quite popular. they’re a little bulkier for airline travel, but perfect for a movie, a party, or a sporting event.

Lara Bars are nutritious and tasty~ they’re raw food bars consisting of fruit and nuts. the “pecan pie” flavor is my favorite. these are available at Trader Joes, Whole Foods, most co-ops, and I’m sure other places as well.

another type of bar that easy to pack, and is filled with protein are Enjoy Life’s Sunbutter Bars. this is especially good for trips when you don’t know when you’ll get your first meal after arriving, because with more protein comes a little more substance than other snacks. Sunbutter (sunflower seed butter) is a good alternative for peanut butter, for those with peanut allergies.

then there are Envirokidz bars~ chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate AND peanut butter, and fruit-flavored crispy rice bars, targeted at children. these also pack well, though less nutritious, and are available at Whole Foods and co-ops.

another good snack for kids are Yummy Earth Gummy Bears, which are available in small packets. they’re organic and all natural, so a healthier option than their more sugary counterparts.

I usually keep a box of Mary’s Gone Crackers in my car, in case I ever need some food when I’m out and about. they’re nice and compact, and the small box keeps them from getting crushed fairly well.

and if you’re traveling and find yourself without any snacks, just look for fruit. oftentimes coffee shops and gas stations (and hotels) carry some sort of fresh fruit, and this is obviously one of the more nutritious options.

a less healthy option, but more ubiquitous, are vending machines.  standard vending machines carry candy bars that are gluten-free, like Snickers, plain or peanut M&Ms, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, etc. and if you also have dairy allergies, there are usually plain potato chips available.

some places are beginning to carry healthy vending machines now, which are often filled with gluten-free snacks, like Envirokidz bars or Lara Bars. some shopping centers in the metro have begun carrying these, for instance, so keep your eyes peeled for these. I’ve heard that Eden Prairie Center carries one such vending machine near the children’s playground area.

there are new gluten-free products available all the time, so I know there are plenty more good options for travel snacks. these are just a handful of ideas that I find helpful.


One Response to “Healthy Gluten-Free Travel Snacks”

  1. mntnmom Says:

    I love Lara’s Bars for “emergency food”. I’ve scavenged the swished package from the bottom of the diaper bag, and they still tasted delicious!

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