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Angela’s Kitchen May 6, 2010

Angela Litzinger is a great GFCF chef! she has a blog called Angela’s Kitchen, filled with lots of gluten-free recipes. in fact, all of her recipes are both gluten- and casein-/dairy-free. and she’s great at integrating lots of veggies into her dishes to make them more nutritional. I reference her recipes frequently!

she also does classes at Lakewinds, as often as every month at times. I’ve been to several of these classes, and they’re fantastic. I highly recommend them. she’ll give you a packet of recipes and demonstrate most of them right there, so you can see how you like them before trying to brave it alone. she also has a lot of great cooking, prepping, and shopping tips~ I always bring a notebook along!

she’s had some great topics for these classes, sometimes it’s just recipes for either cooking or baking with seasonal ingredients. but she also has a lot of topical ones, like baking bread, dairy alternatives (which taste surprisingly great!), box lunches, etc.

I think my favorite class was her holiday cookies class. she has a basic cookie recipe that she adapts over a dozen pages into almost all the popular holiday cookies. and the samples were quite tasty!! I made a few of these for my family last Christmas, and I’m not sure they could tell the difference!

if you miss her classes, you can buy e-books of some of the recipe packets for them on her website. you wouldn’t get any of her helpful tips that you learn in class, but it’s cheaper. I just wish she had more on there, because I’ve missed quite a few of her classes lately that looked really good, and there haven’t been any new e-books¬† in a while.

even cheaper are the free recipes on her blog… so make sure and check it out and see what you think.¬† she has them categorized by type of meat/ protein. and she also has a section of slow-cooker recipes and freezer recipes. there are just tons of recipes!

by the way, I’m not affiliated with her, I’m just a fan!


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