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French Meadow (update) May 27, 2010

French Meadow Restaurant has been making great strides in integrating gluten-free foods into their menu, so I wanted to write an update.

when you walk in, there is a table as you walk up to the register (at lunchtime only, as they use wait-staff for dinner), and it has their gluten-free cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and possibly some bread. there’s also a little menu of all their gluten-free items, split into breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was shocked to see that one GF dinner option (available after 5pm) was crab cakes! since those are almost always made with bread crumbs, I was thrilled to see that I could have them!

I believe they’ve labeled the gluten-free menu items for a while now, but the list has grown from 1-2 items to a dozen or so. in fact, the items marked gluten-free aren’t even an exhaustive list. the reason being that they’re now doing what I’ve been hoping they would~ they’re using their gluten-free bread in their menu offerings! (hopefully they’ll label those menu items soon as GF pending bread substitutions to make it easier, but since they make most of their stuff there from scratch, they’re very knowledgeable about allergens and ingredients).

I learned this when someone told me a couple of visits ago that they now serve gluten-free bread, so I thought I’d try ordering it the next time I went. when I recently went to dinner there, even though it wasn’t marked as GF on the menu, I asked if the BBQ pork sandwich would be gluten-free if we just substituted the gluten-free bread. sure enough it was! and their GF bread is very good~ not so thick and heavy. it was such a fantastic sandwich!! my mouth still waters just thinking about it. and it even came with fries cooked in olive oil, no substitutions necessary.

having gluten-free bread for sandwiches (or to accompany salads) opens up a ton of new options. I love this restaurant, it’s definitely one of my favorites.

and as I’ve said before, I’ve never been to a place that cooks their fish better than French Meadow. if anyone knows how they do it, please feel free to share!!


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