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Organic Diva May 27, 2010

a friend of mine showed me this website, and I was really excited. I don’t often write about products available online, but since gluten-free cosmetics and skin care items can be so hard to find, I thought this was worth mentioning.

Organic Diva has strict organic standards for the products that they offer. the Diva Shop has a special gluten-free section that you can click on in the left-hand list of categories. when you drag your mouse over the gluten-free section, you choose from several sub-categories, like sun/bug care, skin care, soaps & lotions, various make-up categories, etc.

it seems reasonably priced, and the shipping charges are only $4.95 for orders under $75 (free on orders more than $75).

for those of you who find it really difficult to figure out which personal care items are gluten-free, this could be a good source. there aren’t a ton of choices for each sub-category, but there are enough to find something to use, if you’re having trouble finding products.

plus, everything’s organic!


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