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Baja Sol Cantina (Update) June 8, 2010

****UPDATE 3/14/13 Baja Sol no longer feels that their menu if GF-friendly, as there is too much cross-contamination


I wrote about the Baja Sol Cantinas (not pertaining to the Grills), particularly the one in Eden Prairie (I believe that the other Cantina in Inver Grove Heights doesn’t have a dedicated fryer for the chips), and they’ve made great strides in becoming gluten-free, so I wanted to write an update.

Almost the entire menu is now gluten-free. their “gluten-free menu” is more like a small list of things that AREN’T gluten-free, since almost everything is safe. the GF menu is actually a little list of things that can be made gluten-free by substituting corn tortillas for flour ones, followed by a list of probably less than a dozen menu items that contain gluten and can’t be made gluten-free. everything else is free reign. it feels so nice to be able to flip through a menu and choose whatever you want!

the chips are still gluten-free and fried in a dedicated fryer, so the chips and the entire salsa bar are gluten-free (there used to be one salsa that contained gluten, but all are now gluten-free, but I always double-check that that’s still the case each time I go there).

various appetizers, including chips with various dips/ nachos, ribs, etc are all gluten-free.they even have gluten-free chicken wings! I believe they fry them in the dedicated fryer for the chips.

between the salsa bar and all the gluten-free apps, it becomes a great place for a happy hour! they have various specials in the afternoon/ evening on drinks and apps. they have some fund specialty drinks that are gluten-free, including a blueberry mojito, the sangrias, and if you’re just a beer person, I believe they even offer gluten-free beer now! the best time for happy hour is 8pm to close when they have 2 for 1 drinks. but other specials are available earlier.

the ribs are also available as an entrée, as are the enchiladas (and both enchilada sauces now), tacos, fajitas, all the meats to choose from for these items (except the fried fish tacos, which can be modified and grilled without breading), and many, many others.

I believe all the sides are now gluten-free as well~ the cream corn seems to be a fan favorite, but I love the Mexican rice. the seasonal vegetables would need to be grilled in a separate pan.

the managers would be able to guide you through what you can have, and what substitutions would need to happen~ they are very knowledgeable and seem to be very cautious with gluten “allergies”.

I absolutely love going to Baja Sol, it’s really good food, and the meal seems complete since I get to participate in ALL courses, including the chips & salsa! it’s liberating to feel like a “normal person” while eating out. whether you go for a meal or just for happy hour, it’s an ideal place for both!!


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