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Minnesota State Fair Gluten-Free Baking Competition July 26, 2010

Northland Celiac is sponsoring 4 gluten-free baking contests for the state fair this year. according to their website the categories are:

Quick Loaf & Loaf (category 1077)

Pretzels or Snacks (category 1078)

Cookies or Bars (category 1079)

Muffins & Cakes (category 1080)

if you’re interested in participating, you’ll need to register by 4:30pm on August 10th. it doesn’t say where, but I’d check the Minnesota State Fair website for more info, in the Competitions section, under Creative Activities (pg 34 of the C.A. Premium Book).

when submitting your food entry, use a disposable container, as it won’t be returned to you on Sunday, August 22nd between 8-11am at the Creative Activities Building. Recipes must be submitted with the food, typed on one side of paper; with your name, address, and phone number on the other side.


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