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Minnesota State Fair 2010: Gluten-Free August 25, 2010

if you’re planning to go to the MN State Fair in the next couple of weeks, thankfully there is information available in advance this year! the Northland Celiac website has a list of some of the gluten-free options available.

there’s a list of the locations at which the gluten-free beer (Bard’s and Redbridge) can be found.

there are lots of meats that are gluten-free, including turkey legs, pork chops on a stick, lamb items, various chicken options, chicken & rice bowls, various tostadas, gyro meat, falafels on a stick, kabobs, brisket, BBQ ribs, chili, and of course hot dogs & hamburgers (likely without buns), among other items.

gluten-free desserts & treats include various ice cream and sorbet products, fruit smoothies, fresh lemonade, fudge, Kettle Korn, Cotton Candy, nut rolls, chocolate-covered or roasted nuts, chocolate-covered fruit, pickle dogs, tater dogs, roasted nuts, corn on the cob, nachos, etc.

I didn’t see the Fresh Cut Fries stand on that list, but every other year it’s been on there~ I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be GF this year as well, as it’s literally just fresh-cut potatoes, oil, and salt. yum!

worth a special mention is the French Meadow stand~ they’ll have their gluten-free cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. and as a special treat~ gluten-free quesadillas!

Northland Celiacs will have a booth in the Kare 11 Health Building again this year as well.  it’s a great place to get information on the gluten-free diet and ask questions. they usually have information on local gluten-free products, bakeries and other businesses, support groups, etc. this is especially helpful if you’re a newly diagnosed celiac or new to the gluten-free lifestyle. they’ll likely also have a list of the foods and/or the vendors serving gluten-free foods at the fair, as in years past. I don’t know whether it’s the same as what’s online already or not. (I’m hoping the list is still growing!) but make sure to check it out!

I really appreciate that there’s a list available in advance online this year~ it has more details about what food items are gluten-free, and where to find them, so I can plan it out better before I go. after all, food is the highlight of the Minnesota State Fair!

happy eating!!


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