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Gluten-Free Options in Grand Forks, ND September 19, 2010

I recently went to Grand Forks for the Potato Bowl festivities :), and I was pleasantly surprised to see a wealth of gluten-free options now available there.

I was already aware that Texas Roadhouse, Sanders, Konnechiwa, and Red Lobster could accommodate. and The Boardwalk (formerly Whitey’s) is knowledgeable about what is or can be made gluten-free.  but the list of gluten-free options continues to grow!

Rhombus Guys Pizza now serves gluten-free pizzas. and so does Happy Joe’s (as does the Crookston, MN location), be careful of the toppings though~ after a long phone conversation of trying to pull info from them, and of which I’m not even certain of the accuracy of what they said, I was told that the meat toppings were NOT gluten-free.

Five Guys Burger & Fries is new in town, and one of my favorites! they have a dedicated fryer for the french fries, so those are safe to eat! and the burgers are so great that I hardly notice that I’m missing a bun 🙂 I always try to go before the lunch and dinner rushes though, and watch my burger being made. if there’s too much going on, cross-contamination is very possible.

Green Mill has a list of gluten-free options, as does the Ground Round~ which mostly includes many types of grilled chicken options and bun-less burgers.

I’ve also learned that the Golden Corral and Grizzly’s also had some gluten-free options noted. and Jimmy Johns can accommodate with lettuce-wrapped (bunless) sandwiches. some restaurants I hadn’t even heard of before seem to offer gluten-free options now, including The Toasted Frog and AllisoNicoles (an interior design company that also has a bistro). and some Italian/ Mediterranean restaurants recently added to my list are Guiseppe’s Italian, which has gluten-free pasta, Mamma Maria’s, and L’Bistro (at CanadInn).

Paradiso doesn’t have a specific menu, but they were able to show me several things that were safe to eat~ including a delicious chalupa, some salads, fajitas, and the chips and salsa (the chips are not made on-site)~ just ask for a manager.

the Blue Moose (also in East Grand Forks) also has a great gluten-free menu. it includes several of the chips and cheesy dip options, which are local favs, and tons of different types of foods~ all of the sandwiches and burgers, shrimp scampi, walleye, stirfry, and  a ton of other things. I was really impressed with them. the only thing I should mention is that they weren’t sure if their ketchup was gluten-free, so if you plan to order a burger, you should bring some along.

coming soon are the Olive Garden and Dickie’s Barbecue Pit. I can’t wait to try the latter, as I’ve heard great things about them~ all of the meats and sauces are gluten-free from what I understand. and I believe the Olive Garden recently came out with a newly updated gluten-free menu, which I’ve yet to try out.

and of course, both Dairy Queen and Cold Stone Creamery had ice cream treats that are gluten-free (be especially careful of cross-contamination at Cold Stone though~ ask to get a clean scoop and not use the stone for mixing).

as for gluten-free groceries, Hugo’s on 32nd Ave South has a large selection of foods. Amazing Grains on DeMers also has a lot of gluten-free products. I’m sure other stores carry other GF items, but these are the ones that I find to have the greatest selections.

the amount of restaurants with gluten-free options and/or menus has exploded in Grand Forks over the past year. I’m very excited about these new developments and hope they continue! in honor of Grand Forks’ very quick progress, I’ve decided to list links to individual restaurants in oft-neglected North Dakota that cater to the celiac community. (located in the links section to the right, at the bottom)  feel free to send me any suggestions I’ve missed.

updated: 3/23/11


7 Responses to “Gluten-Free Options in Grand Forks, ND”

  1. Carm Says:

    Rhombus Guys Pizza just announced a gluten free pizza! Too bad they didn’t have it last weekend… next time, let’s go there. It’s my favorite pizza place.

  2. Mooks Says:

    Wow! Good job with all of that. Very helpful for future reference!

  3. Thank you so much for this information – we were in Grand Forks a couple of months ago and went to the Blue Moose twice – my husband loved it! He had the ribs both nights!

  4. Katherine Says:

    Super One Foods has a gluten free section, Aliens is good for it especially french fries as they informed me ONLY fries are fried in the fryer…., there is also a great asian portion in Target to add.

  5. Katherine Says:

    I wanted to Add I’Bistro has gluten free pizza AND pasta half night pizza thurs half night pasta on tues

  6. Rachel Says:

    I realize this was wrote in 2011 but still very helpful for where to start! We will be there for a week and my brother is gluten free which makes eating out for him usually quite difficult! But this is going to be so helpful! Thank you!

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