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My Gluten-Free Thanksgiving 2010 November 15, 2010

last year, I wrote a post full of info about gluten-free Thanksgivings. this year I thought I’d write about what my menu will be:

1. the turkey~ there are several mainstream brands to choose from. (here is a good listing of gluten-free turkeys) however, I’m ordering a natural one from my local co-op. it will be free of (gluten), antibiotics, growth hormones, and preservers.

2. stuffing~ if you have a local gluten-free bakery, such as Bittersweet Bakery in Eagan, MN, you can simply buy gluten-free stuffing cubes (call ahead and pre-order if you plan to do this!) otherwise, you can buy or bake GF bread, cube it, and then either lightly toast it, put it through a dehydrator, or just leave it out for a day to get slightly stale. then you can use your old family favorite stuffing recipes!

3. mashed potatoes~ this is an easy one.  mashed potatoes are my very favorite part of Thanksgiving. no real substitutions needed, as my ingredients are just potatoes, butter, and milk (or non-dairy versions thereof).

4. gravy~ we will make it as usual, with either corn starch or a gluten-free flour for thickening, instead of wheat flour. (I will buy a box or two of Imagine Foods’ GF turkey gravy, in case we run low on the original)

5. corn~ again, not much of a hassle, if any. our family favorite is to mix a can of cream corn (consult a grocery guide for GF brands, we use HyVee) with a can of regular corn.

6. green bean casserole~ an Upper Midwest classic. I found this great recipe for a version that can easily be made gluten-free (and dairy-free) basically by substituting regular bread crumbs for GF ones, and it looks much lighter and healthier too. I can’t wait to try it! if you prefer, there are several brands now who make gluten-free cream of mushroom soup (consult a grocery guide for specifics).

7. sweet potatoes~ these shouldn’t be too much of a challenge either. I wanted to share the fantastic recipe that I found online for a sweet potato crunch (the pecans are the crunch)~ it was probably the best sweet potatoes had ever tasted to me when I made this the first time, and I highly recommend it. (if you have dairy allergies, you can make your own evaporated milk by combining equal amounts of coconut milk and rice milk, warming to just under a boil, and waiting until half of it evaporates off. this will come in handy for the pumpkin pie as well.)

8. honey-glazed carrots~ this is a new favorite of mine. there are many, many recipes out there besides the link I included, and as long as its fairly standard, they shouldn’t even need adapting to be gluten-free.

9.  dinner rolls~ I tried to get ahold of some French Meadow dinner rolls, which are the best I’ve had by far. (Victoria’s in Rochester serves these to their gluten-free guests) but it’s proved to be more difficult than I was led to believe. they sell them only to restaurants, but I was told that any local place that carries FM products would be able to order me a case. that has not proven to be true though. I’d encourage anyone interested to call the French Meadow bakery (NOT the restaurant) and request that they sell them in stores. anyway, since this seems to be a dead-end, at least for this year, I will probably make a batch of fresh, homemade gluten-free dinner rolls. I’m sure they’ll be great, but definitely more work!

10. pumpkin pie~ the classic! the inside doesn’t really need to be amended, unless you can’t have dairy. if this is the case, see the recipe for evaporated non-dairy “milk” above in the sweet potato section. for the crust, I’ll probably use a recipe from one of my gluten-free cookbooks. you could make it simpler by making one simply by mashing GF graham cracker crumbles (from Kinnikinnick) or crumbled GF cookies, mixed with butter, into the pie pan, and then adding the insides on top.

I’m excited for my gluten-free Thanksgiving, and I hope that you enjoy yours!!


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