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The Herb Box December 27, 2010

The Herb Box is a great new restaurant inside the Eden Prairie Lifetime Fitness (on Prairie Center Drive). and luckily, you don’t have to be a Lifetime member to eat there.

almost everything is made from scratch, and everything I’ve tried has been delicious. the gluten-free menu items are marked either “GF” for gluten-free as is, or “RGF” for request gluten-free, which can be modified to be safe for us celiacs.

since it’s relatively new, there are a few kinks they seem to be working out. for instance, the breakfast and brunch menus don’t have any gluten-free designations on their menus, but there ARE gluten-free options available (sadly, the buckwheat pancakes aren’t one of them though~ those DO contain gluten). since everything is made on-site, they are extremely knowledgeable about the ingredients and cooking methods, so if you’re uncertain about anything, just ask. they’re very friendly and helpful.

the lunch and dinner menus both have several GF items. the butternut squash corn enchiladas look really interesting, but I usually opt for the pulled pork street tacos~ they’re really delicious!! I also really enjoy the chicken chili, which isn’t a typical chili~ it’s not a tomato-based soup. just make sure you “request gluten-free” and they’ll leave off some of the toppings (tortilla chip strips, I think). this is dairy-free as well if you let them know not to add ANY of the toppings, and just serve as is. I also love getting a side of the crisp fingerling potatoes. there was some discussion of where it was normally cooked versus where it should be cooked to make it gluten-free. make sure you point out that they may need to change up where they cook them for you (they should probably be marked “RGF” rather than “GF” in the menu). those are the perfect side dish or bar food, so definitely try them out. another great appetizer or side dish is the edamame. this is a fried dish, but instead of checking into where it should be fried, I just had mine steamed. they’re deliciously salty! there are a few other dishes that are, or can be, gluten-free as well. these are just some of my quickly-growing list of favorites!

everything that I’ve tried so far has been absolutely delicious. and besides that, it’s all very healthy, in everything from the ingredients to the oil they use. beyond a few menu labeling issues, I couldn’t be happier about this new restaurant. if you get a chance to go there, I don’t think that you’ll be disappointed!


Davanni’s Gluten-Free Taste Test December 3, 2010

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last year, Davanni’s dd a gluten-free taste test in an effort to provide GF pizzas at their restaurants. following the event, they decided to scrap their plans.

happily, they’ve decided to re-visit the issue. next Tuesday, December 7 (2010), they’re conducting another gluten-free taste test at their Minnetonka location (on hwy 7, one mile west of 494) from 5-7pm. they will test out 2 gluten-free pizza crust options and are looking for feedback.

if you wish to participate, all gluten-free tasters are welcome~ just make sure to RSVP to their marketing guy, Tim Huberty, at 952-927-2317, by noon on Monday.