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Davanni’s Gluten-Free Taste Test December 3, 2010

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last year, Davanni’s dd a gluten-free taste test in an effort to provide GF pizzas at their restaurants. following the event, they decided to scrap their plans.

happily, they’ve decided to re-visit the issue. next Tuesday, December 7 (2010), they’re conducting another gluten-free taste test at their Minnetonka location (on hwy 7, one mile west of 494) from 5-7pm. they will test out 2 gluten-free pizza crust options and are looking for feedback.

if you wish to participate, all gluten-free tasters are welcome~ just make sure to RSVP to their marketing guy, Tim Huberty, at 952-927-2317, by noon on Monday.


4 Responses to “Davanni’s Gluten-Free Taste Test”

  1. Dave Says:

    I wanted to attend this but was out of town – any idea how it went? I’d kill for a GF 5-meat.

  2. Tim Says:


    On Monday, January 31, DAVANNI’S will be introducing a gluten-free pizza crust option at two shops, Plymouth and East Side. This 10″ crust option will be available all day every day at the Plymouth and East Side restaurants only.

    The Plymouth shop is located on Fernbrook and Highway 55, just west of I-494. Phone: 763-550-0003.
    The East Side shop is located at I-94 and White Bear Avenue. Phone 651-738-6992.

    We will be taking every precaution to avoid cross contamination. For example, when making these gluten-free pizzas, we will pre-clean the pie bar and use clean bowls, ladles and cutters. The pizza will be make and baked on a 12″ X 12″ foil sheet to further protect them from any flour contact. The price of for a 10” Cheese Pizza is $10.99, with just $1.32 for each additional topping.

    If there is interest (and sales confirm this), we could roll out a gluten-free pizza crust to other shops in the near future. We DO have other gluten-free options on our menu and more information about gluten-free offerings is on our website.

    Tim Huberty
    Marketing Guy

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