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Baja Sol Cantina, Eden Prairie: Closed! January 3, 2011

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****UPDATE 3/14/13 Baja Sol no longer feels that their menu if GF-friendly, as there is too much cross-contamination

I just realized that I haven’t posted anything yet about the Baja Sol Cantina in Eden Prairie closing. I’d written about them a couple of times before~ they adapted almost their entire menu to be gluten-free, and sadly they shut down a few months ago 😦

the silver lining is that much of their menu, as well as their dedicated gluten-free chip fryer, seem to have made their way to the Baja Sol (the normal fast food version of their restaurants) in Eden Prairie Center. it’s definitely not the same atmosphere, and doesn’t have the same extensive menu, but it does have a variety of gluten-free options still. and the gluten-free chips are such a treat!!

as with the closings of Cooqi Bakery and Madwoman Foods, this is another reminder that we need to support the places that cater to us whenever we can!

update on 3/23/11, I believe the Baja Sol Cantina in Inver Grove Heights is also closed now 😦


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