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Davanni’s: Gluten-Free Pizzas Available! January 31, 2011

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starting today, Davanni’s will offer gluten-free pizzas at two of their locations: Plymouth (Fernbrook and Hwy 55, just west of 494) and East Side (94 and White Bear Ave)!!!

according to their statement (in the comments section of my taste testing post), they will take every precaution against cross-contamination: pre-cleaning the pie bar, clean sauce ladels and cutters, baked on foil to protect against flour, etc.

gluten-free cheese pizzas are $10.99, plus $1.32 for additional toppings. (a great price for gluten-free!)

please head out to one of these locations and give them a try, as these two locations are test runs: if they do well, they will expand the gluten-free pizzas to more locations. so let’s try and make that happen! it would be so nice to have this option at such a mainstream restaurant, and to be able to get gluten-free pizzas delivered city-wide!!


4 Responses to “Davanni’s: Gluten-Free Pizzas Available!”

  1. fat lazy celiac Says:

    I’d provisionally trust Davanni’s – the person who’s in charge of any allergy precautions spoke at an allergy/celiac conference this year. He totally gets cross-contamination. And I’ll order it soon, as Pizza Luce has gotten me sick one too many times.

  2. Dave Says:

    I called our local Davanni’s in Bloomington last week to ask when they were getting GF pizza and they that every location was getting them in September! Sure hope that the kid who answered my cal knows what he’s talking about.

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