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Gluten Free in the Upper Midwest

Crave March 8, 2011

there are several locations of Crave: Galleria (Edina), West End (St Louis Park), Mall of America (Bloomington), and out of state: Orlando and Omaha. the menus may differ slightly by location. I visited the Mall of America location.

the gluten-free options are marked as such on the regular menu. there aren’t a ton of items, but enough to have some choices. there are a couple of appetizers: scallops and edamame.

main dishes that are gluten-free include a couple of salads, tomato pesto soup, salmon, chicken, and steak.

I asked about burgers, which weren’t labeled as gluten-free, and they were able to make me one. I’d brought my own bread, which worked out well. the ketchup was Heinz (safe), but of course the french fries were not. actually, Monday nights are special burger nights, so that would be a fun time to go if you enjoy burgers. for your gluten-eating friends and family, it looks like they have some fun varieties of malts and french fries on Mondays.

they also had a sushi bar, which I’m sure had a lot of gluten-free options. I didn’t inquire too much about the sushi though.

on Sundays they do brunch. supposedly there were several things that would be gluten-free. however, the brunch menu isn’t labeled. the waitress wasn’t entirely sure of what all would be safe to eat, but it sounds like they could make it work.

Sunday night specials include are All You Can Eat Prime Rib & Crab Legs and sushi platters, if you’re into either of those. I haven’t verified whether the prime rib is gluten-free, but I know that crab legs are! (yum!)

I would recommend making reservations for Crave if you plan to go, particularly on weekends.


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