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Spasso March 23, 2011

I’ve heard many great things about Spasso in Minnetonka. located next to Lakewinds Minnetonka, Spasso is spacious and has a great atmosphere inside.

the menu is marked with the items that are gluten-free. there are some apps/sides, including scallops and olives, and of course some salad options. but most of the gluten-free menu consists of seafood and steaks. they have salmon, risotto, short ribs, pork chops, a variety of steaks, and prime rib.

an interesting item is the vegetarian lasagna, which is marked as being gluten-free. I’m assuming that means that it’s a noodle-less lasagna, using the eggplant and zucchini for layering instead. they also have gluten-free pizzas! none of the burgers were marked as gluten-free~ I meant to ask but forgot. there’s a chance they may be gluten-free if you forgo the bun. so keep that in mind to ask if you’re interested.

the food is really delicious. when I ate there, after much debate about the short ribs, I decided to try the nightly special: tilapia and potato/ leek risotto. the tilapia was cooked perfectly~ it was very delicate. and while I was disappointed at first that the the potato/ leek risotto didn’t actually contain rice (the potato was the risotto), it was one of the best flavors I’ve tasted. I ended up only being disappointed that I didn’t get more of it! my friends (non-celiacs) enjoyed their dishes as much as I enjoyed mine, which explains why I’ve heard great things about Spasso from many different groups of people. it’s a perfect place for a night on the town or a special dinner.

the happy hour is from 3-6 if you’re interested, with $3 house wines and $2 off pizzas (which basically covers the surcharge for the gf crust).


4 Responses to “Spasso”

  1. haikutec Says:

    Rebecca, I have an urgent question to ask you. 😉

    Where can a friend of mine buy gluten-free hot cross buns, and other gluten-free food?

    She lives in the Michigan Detroit-Metro area.

    all my best,


    • rebeccagf Says:

      I see that there’s a Whole Foods grocery store in the Detroit area, which has a ton of gluten-free foods (just ask them where those sections are), and Whole Foods also has gluten-free classes quite frequently. if there are Trader Joe’s stores in the area, those are also good resources for gluten-free foods, and more inexpensive than lots of other places. just ask for the list of gluten-free foods that they hand out in each store. otherwise, co-ops usually have a good amount of gluten-free groceries as well.

      as for hot cross buns, specialty products like that can be difficult to find. I don’t know of any mainstream GF companies that make those. but if you google it, there are several recipes for how to make them online. if your friend is newly diagnosed, they should look for a local support group. they should be able to help further with local restaurants, stores, and products that are gluten free. this looks like a big one in that area:

      • rebeccagf Says:

        I want to say that they were toward the entrance that’s by first base, but I’ll check it out for you the next time I’m there.

  2. Alan Summers Says:

    Wow thanks! Don’t you just love the internet? 😉


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