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MN State Fair 2011: Gluten Free August 12, 2011

it’s getting to be that time of year again… the Minnesota State Fair starts soon!! here is a list, courtesy of Northland Celiacs, of the gluten-free options available this year. (there may be more items that are gluten-free available, but these are the vendors who responded to Northland Celiacs officially).

as with everything, it’s generally a good idea to verify specific ingredients or cross-contamination issues personally.

Caramel Apple Sundae
Location: Carousel Plaza, in front of Grandstand
Rootbeer, Strawberry, Orange and Cider Floats
Sliced Caramel Apples with Ice Cream

The Charcoal Hut
Location: Next to Intn’l Bazaar & Horticulture Bldg.
Gluten Free Food: Turkey Drumsticks, Grilled Chicken Pieces and Breast Fillets

Cinnamon Roasted Nuts
Location: Intl. Bazaar-Back Wall
Cinnamon Roasted Almonds, Cashews & Pecans

Gluten Free Food: Omelets, chicken breasts, hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, steaks, prime rib

Corn Roast
Location: Across from East end of Grand Stand
Gluten Free Foods: Roasted Corn & Butter

Dino’s Gyros
Location: Carnes & Underwood
Greek Salad without Pita

Dole Whip
Location: Next to Sweet Martha’s
Non-Dairy Fruit Flavored Soft Service in a Bowl

Falafel King
Location: Food Building 121
Gluten Free Foods: Falafel on a stick, Humus, Garlic Chicken Pocket, Chicken, Veggie, Veggie Pocket, Gyros Meat

Foot Long Hot Dogs/Spidahl, A.
Location: Cosgrove Street between Fine Arts & 4-H
Foot Long hot dog (no bun) Hormel, Heinz ketchup & mustard & Sauer Kraut

French Meadow Café
Location: 1703 Carnes Ave (under Giant Slide)
Cupcakes, Coffee, &Tea Frozen Frappe, Espresso drinks

Fudge Folks, Inc.
Location: Grandstand (Lower Level)
Gluten Free Foods: Fudge

Giggles Camp Fire Grill
Location: Corner of Cooper St. & Lee Ave.
Salad On A Stick, Salmon On A Stick, Plain Elk Burger Without the Bun
Red Bridge Beer

Henry’s Kettle Korn
Location: Northwoods
Gluten Free Foods: Kettle Korn

Holy Land Brands, Inc.
Location: Intl. Bazaar
Hummus, Kobobs (Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Shrimp, Falafel, Kufta) Chicken Sampler Tray

Ice Cream Parlour
Location: Heritage Square
Gluten Free Foods: Ice Cream

Key Lime Pie Bar & Iseland Way Sorbet
Location: Next to Skyride (Across from Food Bldg/Food Court)
Gluten Free Foods: Island Way Sorbet, Coconut, Pineapple, Pina Colada, and Orange/Mango in natural fruit shells

Mexican Hat
Location: Dan Patch Ave. Next to KSTP TV
Tamales, Nachos & Cheese, Enchiladas,
Chili with Nacho Chips, Corn Shell Tacos

Minnesota Apples Inc
Location: Horticulture Building
Gluten Free Food: Apples, Apple Cider, Cider Freeze

Minn. Cultivated Wild Rice Council
Location: Dairy Building
Wild Rice

Moe & Joe’s
Location: Clough & Judson
By Miracle of Birth Center
Coffee Blends & Fruit Smoothies

O’Gara’s at the Fair
Location: Dan Patch St. Near Main Entrance
Chopped Beef Steak with Onions & Mushrooms
Corned Beef & Cabbage, Mike’s Hard Lemonade and
Mike’s Light Cranberry Possibly a GF beer

Pickle Dog
Location: Corner of Carnes & Regget
Gluten Free Foods: Pickle Dog (Pickle, Pastromi, Cream Cheese, Pickle on a Stick, Koolaid

Patinella’s Chicken Grill
Location: Under Walkway to Grandstand
Gluten Free Foods: Chicken & Rice Bowls—The chicken is marinated in olive oil red wine, Vin & spices. The garlic rice has olive oil & garlic only. The yellow rice does have wheat gluten& corn cereal solids. Garlic rice can be substituted for yellow rice in any bowl.
Original Chicken & Rice—marinated grilled chicken breast—substitute garlic rice for yellow.
Deluxe Chicken & Rice—chicken, garlic rice, lettuce, tomato, onion
LBrazilian—chicken & rice, garlic rice, black beans, lettuce, tomato, onion
Italian—chix-rice, Italian beans, Romano cheese
Greek Chicken—chix-rice, garlic rice, lettuce, tomato, onion, tzaziki
Vegitarian—chix-rice, lettuce, black beans, lettuce, tomato, onion, eheddar
Mexican—chix-rice, lettuce, tomato, onion, sour cream, cheddar cheese

Sadie’s Frozen Custard Ice Cream
Location: DNR Park
Gluten Free Food: Frozen All Products Except the Cones, Custard Ice Cream

San Felipe Tacos
Locaton: Food Bldg. East Wall off Cooper St.
Request the following with a Corn Tortilla
Beef Taco, Jerk Chicken Taco without the Jerk Sauce,
Vegetarian Taco, Nachos Grande, Nachos & Cheese

Simply Nuts & More
Location: Coliseum Bldg, East Side
Gluten Free Foods: Cashews, Honey Cashews, Mixed Nuts, Cranberry Trail Mix, Triple Berry, Roasted Almonds, M-M Trail Mix, Pistachio’s, Chocolate Peanuts, Butter Toffee, Peanuts,

Sonny’s Tornado Potato
Location: Food Building
Deep Fried Spiral Potato Chips

Sutler’s Taffy
Location: In Front of Education Bldg.

Taco King
Location: Judson Ave Across from The Miracle of Life Barn
Gluten Free Foods: Beef, Chicken & Bean Tostadas, Nacho Chips & Cheese, Beef, chicken, beans and cheese fried corn tortilla, Deep fried corn chips and nacho cheese sauce.
Nachos Grande

Texas Steak Out
Location: Machinery Hill Across From
Little Farm Hands
Tater Twisters, Tater Dogs, Turkey Leg, Brisket, BBQ Beef Ribs, Sausage on a Stick, Roasted Corn on a Stick, Baked Potato, Steak Chili, Texas Steak
Dinner on a Stick (without the bread roll)

Thomasina’s Cashew Brittle
Location: Creative Activities Bldg. Annex
Cashew Brittle

West Indies Soul Food Inc.
Location: International Bazaar
Gluten Free Foods: Jerk Chicken
Jerk Pork, Sweet Tea & Lemonade

as a side note, I know that Northland is only allowed to include the items that the vendors say are gluten-free on a form that they send out. however, there could be more foods that are gluten free, but not listed. so it’s beneficial to ask. for instance, I always eat the french fries at the stands that only carry french fries, as those are the only things fried there, and they’ve told me it’s made of just potatoes, salt, and oil. also, I know that 1919 Root Beer is gluten free, per their website (and also corn-free). and I believe I’ve asked about fresh-squeezed lemonade at various vendors and found that it’s been safe. so definitely check if you think something might be gluten free that you’d like to eat. if you find any, please feel free to send in a comment to benefit others!

in other state fair news, Northland Celiacs will host a booth in the Kare 11 Health Fair building. they’ll have information, videos, and spin wheel prizes. there will be a few fun days that they’re hosting as well:

Saturday Aug. 27  – Mad Jacks Restaurant
Monday Aug. 29 – Lakewinds
Tuesday Aug. 30 – GF Goodies
Wednesday Aug. 31 – Mississippi Market Co-op
Thursday Sept 1 – Seward Co-op

so make sure to stop by and check it out! and if you wish to volunteer at the booth, information can be found on their website in the calendar section.

have a great time at the fair!!


Zorbaz August 9, 2011

if you’re a lake person, you’ve almost certainly heard of Zorbaz. they have locations on many of the most popular lakes in Minnesota. they’re known for their pizza and Mexican food. although they don’t offer gluten free pizzas, they do have several gluten free Mexican food choices (and they’re tasty!)

on the gluten free menu, my favorite are the gluten free nachos (regular or super “macho nachoz”), which are such a treat!! it’s not often that places have chips that they buy pre-made (i.e. not in a shared fryer in their restaurant). the beef, chicken, refritos, etc are all GF toppings, along with lettuce, tomatoes, olives, cheese, sour cream, and salsa. yum!

they also offer enchiladas, tacos, etc. the Mexican rice is safe to eat, as are the chips and salsa side, and the beans. the GF menu also lists the individual ingredients that are gluten free (meat choices, enchilada sauce, etc), in case you’re wondering, which is handy. on a more confusing note, they also list gluten-containing menu options on the GF menu that we can NOT eat (pizza, quesadillas, etc). I’d guess that it’s because they get asked frequently as to whether these things can be made gluten free, so they’re letting us know in advance that they can’t be. however, it’s a bit confusing.

if you also have dairy allergies, here’s what I found out: avoid the refritos/ beans and chicken (and the free popcorn, which I didn’t verify to be GF but found out that it’s made with butter). but the beef, enchilada sauce, and Mexican rice are all dairy-free.

it may depend on location, but I’m told they have a few apple/pear ciders on tap that are gluten-free. I sometimes worry about how well such restaurants clean the lines and keep them separate from the beer, so if you feel more comfortable, I’m guessing they likely have bottled versions as well.

I loved the food so much, that I went to Zorbaz twice in three days. it was such a treat!!


Sunshine Factory August 2, 2011

the Sunshine Factory is one of the only restaurants that I know of in New Hope that has a gluten free menu. in fact, it’s a really nice and detailed GF menu, because the chef added notes for servers on it~ about how they need to submit the order, how to prepare the items, and why it needs to be done that way. so you can follow up with them with exactly what they need to do.

menu items available gluten free include sirloin steak, broiled walleye, chicken, and salads.