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Gluten Free in the Upper Midwest

Zorbaz August 9, 2011

if you’re a lake person, you’ve almost certainly heard of Zorbaz. they have locations on many of the most popular lakes in Minnesota. they’re known for their pizza and Mexican food. although they don’t offer gluten free pizzas, they do have several gluten free Mexican food choices (and they’re tasty!)

on the gluten free menu, my favorite are the gluten free nachos (regular or super “macho nachoz”), which are such a treat!! it’s not often that places have chips that they buy pre-made (i.e. not in a shared fryer in their restaurant). the beef, chicken, refritos, etc are all GF toppings, along with lettuce, tomatoes, olives, cheese, sour cream, and salsa. yum!

they also offer enchiladas, tacos, etc. the Mexican rice is safe to eat, as are the chips and salsa side, and the beans. the GF menu also lists the individual ingredients that are gluten free (meat choices, enchilada sauce, etc), in case you’re wondering, which is handy. on a more confusing note, they also list gluten-containing menu options on the GF menu that we can NOT eat (pizza, quesadillas, etc). I’d guess that it’s because they get asked frequently as to whether these things can be made gluten free, so they’re letting us know in advance that they can’t be. however, it’s a bit confusing.

if you also have dairy allergies, here’s what I found out: avoid the refritos/ beans and chicken (and the free popcorn, which I didn’t verify to be GF but found out that it’s made with butter). but the beef, enchilada sauce, and Mexican rice are all dairy-free.

it may depend on location, but I’m told they have a few apple/pear ciders on tap that are gluten-free. I sometimes worry about how well such restaurants clean the lines and keep them separate from the beer, so if you feel more comfortable, I’m guessing they likely have bottled versions as well.

I loved the food so much, that I went to Zorbaz twice in three days. it was such a treat!!


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