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Davanni’s: GF Pizzas now available city-wide! September 15, 2011

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Davannis’ now offers gluten-free pizza at almost all of their locations!!

(only their Riverside and Grand & Cleveland locations will not have them.)

feel free to go to (or get delivery from!) your nearest Davanni’s pizza now!


One Response to “Davanni’s: GF Pizzas now available city-wide!”

  1. Dave Says:

    Tried both the 5 Meat and the Works pizzas last night and they rock! They are 9 or 10 inch pies with a thin, crisp crust. They are crisper than the Udi’s crusts, but not as crumbly as whatever Pizza Luce is using. Very nice.

    2 little nags – the GF boxes weren’t labeled as such (although it’s easy enough to tell the difference once you open them) and they delivered the non-GF pizza on stacked top of the GF ones.

    I’m a happy guy!

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