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Recipe: Pheasant with Sherry Cream Sauce December 30, 2011

Filed under: Cooking & Baking — rebeccagf @ 2:06 pm

this is another one of my all-time favorite recipes.. pheasant is what I first started making it with, but any poultry would work~ although gamier birds like cornish game hens work better than chicken.

first, you need to take the meat off of the bones, if you’re using a whole bird (this is the annoying part, but it’s worth it). then melt some butter in a warm pan (ceramic or cast iron work best), and throw the little pieces of meat in there. once the bird is properly browned, put some cooking sherry in the pan (half to three-quarters cup) and let it simmer for a good 45 minutes. if the liquid runs out (which will likely happen if using a regular stainless steel pan), then feel free to add some water, just enough so the pan doesn’t run dry.

after around 45 minutes to an hour, I usually add more sherry (about a quarter cup) and let the alcohol burn off for just a few minutes, and then add a pint of heavy whipping cream (or soy milk). stir it all around, de-glaze and get the remnants unstuck from the bottom of the pan, and the sauce becomes a nice light brown color. taste it to see if it needs tweaking with more of the sherry or the cream.

then it’s ready to serve~ this sherry cream sauce works great as a gravy for mashed potatoes, so I always make those to go with the pheasant or other bird.  there isn’t a whole lot of meat that comes off of these tiny birds, so you would probably need to do a couple of game hens, for instance, if you have a family of four.

I’ve found that basically any recipe combining sherry and cream is delicious, so enjoy!


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